1 hour

UppSeller for 1 Hour is a unique option that enables you to make quick decisions and fast moves in your deal.

Sometimes you just need a professional opinion or guidance from an expert to close a deal. Or you may simply have an urgent deal ready to close but you lack a specific professional skill. If so, that's where our UppSeller for 1 Hour option comes in handy.

With this option Sellers can find Uppsellers capable of making quick, highly informed decisions leading to early and profitable closure. Our drafting algorithm quickly filters and selects Uppsellers who are ready and able to close your deal even within hours!

This option is invaluable when you need precise guidance. Uppsellers may pool their knowledge on those rare occasions when their own expertise is not enough to close a specific deal.

It is also recommended to combine forces in order to close a deal as fast as possible. Both Seller and Uppseller may sign up as a team to simultaneously represent a business.


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You will be dealing at all times with salespeople that understand your special needs and are capable of replacing your internal sales department. All you need to get started is an idea and a ready deal.

Remember: an idea on its own isn’t enough to satisfy a successful entrepreneur—it has to be sold. Our job is to bring you to the point of sale using top flight sales personnel from around the world.


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